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Supporting Creative Technologists

Fabricatorz Foundation supports creative technologists with initiatives that drive innovation through art and technology. Based in St. Louis, Fabricatorz Foundation helps local talent go global, and brings global talent local.


Date Title Source
01 Feb 2019 Launch of Matt Hope Entropic Bodies #zerowaste Announcement
01 Feb 2019 Launch of Qi Hardware Announcement
18 Jan 2019 Call for Artists at Cortex STL Announcement
15 Jan 2019 Join Wikipedia Day Edit Party Announcement
09 Nov 2018 Innovation Hall Kinesis After Party Announcement
26 Jul 2018 Gray Area Festival Exhibition Announcement
04 Jun 2018 5 Projects in 5 Months Mailing-list

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ATMSTL: Art & Technology Meetup St. Louis is a community of creative technologists, experimental game developers, creative coders, data visualists, net artists, additivists, spatial media artists, and conceptual entrepreneurs. We’re building a regional network of creative techs starting with St. Louis.

ONG: Experiential media event, short for ONG: Only Next Generation, birthed from Breakerspaces #01, 1st Fabricatorz Foundation residency at Cortex in Saint Louis, in April 2018.

Fellowships & Grants

The Bassel Khartabil Free Culture Fellowship & Memorial Fund: Development fellowship and grants for oppressed cultures launched in memory of executed Syrian technology leader, Bassel Khartabil, and original member of Fabricatorz. In partnership with Creative Commons, Mozilla, Wikimedia, and The Jimmy Wales Foundation.

Hosted Projects

#NEWPALMYRA: An effort to reconstruct the ancient city of Palmyra as an immersive virtual environment, based on archaeological and other clues.

Qi Hardware: Growing the Commons by bringing together People in Software, Hardware & Crypto.

Recent Press Hits

Date Title Source
12 Dec 2018 Majd Al-shihabi: Interview on Bassel Khartabil Free Culture Fellowship STORYENGINE
27 Apr 2018 Art Hackers Launch Party Celebrates Opening Of BreakerSpaces At Cortex EQ
15 Apr 2018 Bassel Khartabil Free Culture Fellowship and Memorial Fund Recipients Announced Creative Commons
02 Feb 2018 Creative Commons launches Memorial Fund Grants and Fellowship in Memory of Bassel Khartabil Creative Commons
08 Feb 2018 Memorial Fund Grants Launched in Memory of Bassel Khartabil Jimmy Wales Foundation
05 Oct 2017 The #FreeBassel Effect Proves Online Activism Is Still Powerful WIRED
19 Aug 2017 Why Culture Should Eclipse Technology In St Louis EQ
04 Aug 2017 En Syrie, la mort en prison d’un passionné dulogiciel libre lemonde.fr
02 May 2017 How a 3D-printed piece of Palmyra landed in Toronto CBC


Art Hack Day, Creative Commons, Gray Area Foundation for the Arts, Mozilla, Wikimedia Foundation, Fabricatorz.

Jon Phillips, Director

Jon Phillips is Director of Fabricatorz, a global design & art technology studio. His projects have been exhibited at the Venice Biennale, SFMoMa, ICA London, OCAT Shenzhen. They have been featured in Wired, Washington Post, BBC, Al Jazeera, CNN and the Guardian. Phillips is on the board for New Palmyra. He lives in Saint Louis & Hong Kong and is working on the blockchain (more soon :).

Barry Threw, Director

Barry Threw is a technologist, designer, strategist, and cultural producer with over a fifteen years of experience at the helm of forward-looking art and technology projects. His previous leadership positions have produced innovative, influential teams and businesses, ranging across built environment, experiential, and creative technology.

Tyler Mathews, Director

Tyler Mathews is the Executive Director of Venture Cafe St. Louis and Innovation Hall, which hosts the largest weekly gathering of innovators in the world. Tyler is a strategist and cultural producer with a focus of identifying, connecting, and growing local emerging creative communities. His previous leadership positions launched innovative projects across healthcare, technology, and art.