Paint Louis 2021 is a Living Work-In-Progress

Fabricatorz Foundation not only features our projects but also our actions. And, we have two major ones that are taking place now from, September 2 until September 5, 2021 in St. Louis.

Paint Louis 2021

Since we moved our base to St. Louis, we continued operations with the mindset that we must participate locally. The first major community event we participated in was Paint Louis, the largest graffiti event in the world on the longest graffiti wall, in the world.

Fabricatorz took it seriously and helped to construct the history.

Now in our 4th year of participation, we are opening up our participation in Paint Louis to you. We have our own crew called #PTSD. If you want to paint, then let us know and we will accommodate and provide you space to paint on a section of our wall called the Collective Canvas, our first action at Paint Louis 2021.

Mannat (2021), Work-In-Progress at Work Session.

Also, this year for Paint Louis there are two major artworks being created. The first one is by artist Mee Jey who is creating Mannat to honor the life of Alan Kurdi, the 3 year Syrian child who so tragically lost his life 6 years ago today. This work has been in progress with contribution by several volunteers over countless hours since it first debuted at the Founder’s Tour in August. It is constructed of recycled fabrics, and plastic. Mannat is Mee Jey’s version of a common themed image that artists such as Ai Weiwei, Egyptian cartoonist Islam Gawish, Iranian artist Mahnaz Yazdani and so many more have created to consider refugees and immigration in modern times.

Please come to our section of the Paint Louis 2021 wall on Friday, September 3 if you would like to participate in the final fabrication of this work. It will be up through September 4th and Sunday September 5th.

The second work is fabricated in honor of Lee Kratzer’s birthday, today, by Doug Phillips. Lee Kratzer is an artist hailing from Saint Charles, Missouri. He is retired at present. However, nothing is stopping an admirer and supporter of his work, Doug Phillips, from creating a piece in homage to Lee on his birthday.

Also, on-site will be Landon Taylor from Los Angeles where he works with The Container Yard and who is documenting Paint Louis 2021. Also, me, myself and I, Jon Phillips, will be on-site to keep the paint flowing.

PTSD 2021 Schedule

Our goal is to continue to improve PTSD presence through leadership with action. We made a page to coordinate our work: Paint Louis 2021.


Today, September 2, from 5-6 PM you are invited to join us online at the weekly community led Work-In-Progress virtually. Also, I will participate in this session live from Paint Louis 2021 Section 8 of the wall. Work-In-Progress is a series of creator-focused constructive feedback sessions now in the 27th week of meeting. Moving forward, Fabricatorz Foundation will host this event for the community. Work-In-Progress members, Danny Mullan and myself will share hosting duties and continue the weekly series to engage the St. Louis local communities.

Want to learn more and participate? We made a page for that too: Work-In-Progress


Look forward to you joining us for all or part of the above projects. They are open to you. You may also join us here for updates through email or even dive into our if you feel adventurous.

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