Arte mediático y blockchain NFT

Join us Saturday, May 28 from 4-10 PM CST as Fabricatorz Foundation is co-produces Arte mediático y blockchain NFT, a global event on Blockchain & NFT code and cultural theory. The event is online for the world and live in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a wonderful city with a dynamic cluster of creative technologists working in crypto and blockchain technologies.

Arte mediático y blockchain NFT is at the leading cultural institution in Buenos Aires and is featuring Andrew McLuhan, Christian Gauna, Clément Renaud, Cristina Voto, Gustavo Cardón, Hernán Merlino, Jey Sushil Jha, Jon Phillips, Lionel Radisson, María Valdez, Paul Guzzardo, Rocío Agra, Rodrigo Alonso, Rejane Cantoni, and María Magdalena González.

Highlights include Andrew McLuhan contextualizing the event with McLuhan scholarship, Jey Sushil discussing sanskrit as a programming language, Jon Phillips discussing producing works as Fabricatorz, and Clément Renaud and Lionel Radisson‘s Slashes being displayed massively in and on the building.

The event is May 28 from 2-8 pm Buenos Aires time, or 4-10 pm St. Louis time (CST). It is free and open to the public.

The Events Livestream for participation is here on Youtube.

Read more at the Official Site and plan out your participation.