Release Your Release at the #RELEASEPARTY in San Francisco.


Save the date! Friday, November 18 from 7-9 pm in San Francisco at Gray Area Foundation for the Arts which will be open special for viewing of the current art show, Distant Early Warnings.

What do you have you are holding onto that you need to RELEASE?

That’s the name of the game. A new event that is part open mic and part experimental music that weaves the event all together as you have drinks with your friends in-person.

This event is an after-party for Creative Commons 20th birthday, Openfutures Workshop held during the day, and an excise to connect with unlikely people.

Join the #RELEASEPARTY. Send us your improved flier graphics (released under #CC0 meaning you can do what you want with the artwork).

Better yet, let’s meet up IRL. More details forthcoming on this page including more announcements of what is being announced, in part.

RSVP to Join.