The 1st #ArleneLifeDay Announced

Arlene Rosengarten at Venture Cafe St. Louis

Arlene Rosengarten passed away unexpectedly on Tuesday, September 13 of this year. We at the Fabricatorz Foundation are deeply saddened by the loss of one of our own. Arlene was a friend, collaborator, volunteer, and contributor to so many great causes in the arts and health. Our team met Arlene and her partner of 20 years, Carl D. Essen, at the Venture Cafe St Louis Thursday Gatherings.

To celebrate her full life, we invite you to celebrate Arlene’s impact tonight October 6th from 6 – 7 pm at Venture Cafe St Louis on the second floor of the @4240 Heritage Building. We will share memories and reconnect with old friends. You are invited to join us and to add your stories about Arlene’s legacy to the first #ArleneLifeDay.

For more information on Arlene Rosengarten and details on the event, please visit


Tyler Mathews
Board Member
Fabricatorz Foundation