SCALE Multiplier Book Released as Unlockable NFT

Scale Multiplier Multiplied

To celebrate the end of 2021, SCALE Publishing released the SCALE Multiplier Book NFT today. The collection introduces the 9 person SCALE Editorial Board featuring Christopher Adams, Paul Guzzardo, Mee Jey, Nicolas Nova, Jon Phillips, Clément Renaud, Niki Selken, Isaiah Sellers, and Jey Sushil.

Innovations in project include:

  • First book to use NFT as a key to unlock content on a platform.
  • Content follows the Creative Commons Plus protocol (CC+) meaning the content is licensed under Creative Commons Zero license, but access is 1st allowed to the 88 key holders, who may SCALE or SHARE the content how they see fit.
  • Use of Tezos cryptocurrency on OBJKT

In order to get a copy of the work, we suggest you:

  1. Head to Kukai.
  2. Direct connect your Twitter account to create a wallet.
  3. Buy (or use Tezos cryptocurrency) the NFT.
  4. Head to SCALE Publishing Multiplier to Unlock the Collection.
  5. If all this is confusing, send us an email to [email protected].

Thank you for supporting Fabricatorz Foundation in 2021. There is so much more to do in 2022. First, lets end it on the right note. Be safe out there and more importantly, HAVE FUN!