Qi Hardware and Qiware Granted to Phi

Matt Hope, Miner Arch, 2020, Used Bitcoin Miners. The state of world in 2024 is in constant flux, augmented by a rapidly changing technological and cultural ecosystem. Qi Hardware began as an ethos to make the most “Open” Computer. And, that effort came from the OpenMoko project which is one of the world’s first smartphone… Continue reading Qi Hardware and Qiware Granted to Phi

Scale Sensorium Released

Today Scale Publishing released Scale Sensorium with the title, “New Tools for Organizing the Sensorium.” Contributions by: Andrew McLuhanAndy HartzellJon PhillipsLuke RollinsPaul GuzzardoPetra CortrightTyler Chevéz MathewsCover by Makio135 The publication drop includes 87 NFKeys + 13 additional unique artist proofs free for the first 13 signups of SCALE: Sensorium. The theme is pulled from Walter… Continue reading Scale Sensorium Released

SCALE Multiplier Book Released as Unlockable NFT

To celebrate the end of 2021, SCALE Publishing released the SCALE Multiplier Book NFT today. The collection introduces the 9 person SCALE Editorial Board featuring Christopher Adams, Paul Guzzardo, Mee Jey, Nicolas Nova, Jon Phillips, Clément Renaud, Niki Selken, Isaiah Sellers, and Jey Sushil. Innovations in project include: First book to use NFT as a… Continue reading SCALE Multiplier Book Released as Unlockable NFT