The 1st #ArleneLifeDay Announced

Arlene Rosengarten passed away unexpectedly on Tuesday, September 13 of this year. We at the Fabricatorz Foundation are deeply saddened by the loss of one of our own. Arlene was a friend, collaborator, volunteer, and contributor to so many great causes in the arts and health. Our team met Arlene and her partner of 20… Continue reading The 1st #ArleneLifeDay Announced

Have a project that is a Work-In-Progress?

During the pandemic, several people in the startup scene of St. Louis started a virtual community to share weekly about what they are working on and how its going. With the strange nature of the last couple of years, people really enjoyed seeing others, and receiving costructive feedback about their project. Whether it was about… Continue reading Have a project that is a Work-In-Progress?

Panel, Work-In-Progress, Art Show

October 28, 4-7 PM CSTNoW Innovation DistrictSaint Louis Jessica Brown, Matías Butelman, Gustavo Cardon, Paul Guzzardo, Mee Jey, Andrew McLuhan, Jey Sushil UNESCO – Media Information Literacy, Gateway Media Literacy Partners, Fabricatorz Foundation Work-In-Progress Community, Oui.Gallery, Creative Commons Argentina, Bibliohack Announcements Live at Event. Read More and Join In-Person or Virtually (Fast link to join)

The Algorithm that Ate the Street: A Recursive Urbanism

first Internet club Cabool in St. Louis Downtown where Paul B. Davis and Joe Beuckman produced music and media as Beige Records towards Raga creation by Imrat Khan. All while onsite were the cyberpunk beginnings of Jim McKelvey and Jack Dorsey, co-founders of Square.