Scale Sensorium Released

Today Scale Publishing released Scale Sensorium with the title, “New Tools for Organizing the Sensorium.” Contributions by: Andrew McLuhanAndy HartzellJon PhillipsLuke RollinsPaul GuzzardoPetra CortrightTyler Chevéz MathewsCover by Makio135 The publication drop includes 87 NFKeys + 13 additional unique artist proofs free for the first 13 signups of SCALE: Sensorium. The theme is pulled from Walter… Continue reading Scale Sensorium Released

Viewz #3 with Matt Hope: Artist Inventing From China

Fabricatorz Viewz #3 is an interview with Matt Hope, a British artist living and working in China. He is well known for big sculptures, soundsystems, and connecting his engineering knowledge with local building markets. Prior to the pandemic he made the move from Beijing to Guangzhou. Since, he has productively ben making large highly-detailed pen… Continue reading Viewz #3 with Matt Hope: Artist Inventing From China

Panel, Work-In-Progress, Art Show

October 28, 4-7 PM CSTNoW Innovation DistrictSaint Louis Jessica Brown, Matías Butelman, Gustavo Cardon, Paul Guzzardo, Mee Jey, Andrew McLuhan, Jey Sushil UNESCO – Media Information Literacy, Gateway Media Literacy Partners, Fabricatorz Foundation Work-In-Progress Community, Oui.Gallery, Creative Commons Argentina, Bibliohack Announcements Live at Event. Read More and Join In-Person or Virtually (Fast link to join)